You can update the display content remotely from any location!
Simply edit the text files located on your server.
This video was posted to demonstrate the setup and remote updating of our WiFi Digital Frame.

This should provide a good overview of how to operate these units,
but by no means cover all of the features and functions completely.
< 19" wifi digital frame
Thank You !
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For a more in depth explaination, please refer to the users manual.
Program your wireless configuration using the IR remote.
Order Online or call: 1 248-245-4562 Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm EST
For the most reliable operation, content should be located on your server.
When pulling content down from an unreliable source, exceptions may occur, resulting in undesired operation when there is conflicting activity happening on the download target server.
This is a known issue,
with webcam sites
in particular.
These units have been tested with, and will operate through a VPN.
(Virtual Private Network)